The WORST Playstation Game Ever Made: Rascal Review



From the camera, to the difficulty, to the useless map system, to the controls, this game is unrelenting in its awfulness. As much as it pained me to play, it pained me even more to have to sit there and re-watch all my painful gameplay while making this review. I can’t think of a single thing worse than a platforming action game where it feels like the controls were specifically designed to make your character slide off platforms. For how confusing this game’s level designs and objectives are, you would think the map would help a little, but, it just spits in your face with a useless drawing that doesn’t even vaguely SUGGEST where the exist or the destination might be. AWFUL. JUST.AWFUL. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go fight some aliens, I just need some ammo. Where did I put my soap and water…

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  1. My parents got this game for my brother and me on Christmas with our Playstation 1, I remember playing this so much in my childhood, it didn't looked that bad back then 😂. This should get a remake and I think it could be a good game

  2. I remember this PS1 game really well and I used to play it when I was a kid. I thought it was enjoyable but it is not very good as the other Psygnosis games such as Lemmings and Wipeout. The controls and camera angles are kinda very awkward.

    I also remember the medieval castle known as Castle Hackalott level really well. It appears as a medieval castle in the past where in the present day it has become a museum.

    Anyway greetings from Ireland

  3. Hate this game when I was child. Today try to play it again. I can take only 10 minutes and then shut it down. I'm 30 years old now. This game like childhood trauma 😄

  4. I remember I had this game as a kid, I had so much blind faith in video games and I used to find myself immersed and empathising with all characters.. until I found this.. that didn’t stop me from trying to play it over and over again. To this day I never got past the first level.

  5. I ended up with two copies of this shit. The first one I found at a pawn shop; got snapped in half! Years later, my mother goes yard sale shopping and what did she bring home? Not MGS VR missions, not the C&C Nod disk that went missing, it was the fucking Rascal. It ended up.being a target for my BB gun.

  6. Oooh.. I tought i was the only that remember this masterpiece of nosense things.. And the map holy fuck, it helps a lot!
    Awesome commentary 😂

  7. I remember when my parents bought this game for me. And to this day, it is still one of the WORST damn games I've every played in my 20 years of being on earth.

  8. They should revamp this listen just to give rascal a rest anyone who beats this game is probably hacking some how

  9. fun thing is, the first prototype of this game had perfect camera and controls like Spyro. They changed it to "rotational camera" afterwards, dooming the game.

  10. Spyro the Dragon was released later in that same year this complete piece of shit game Rascal was released, and I must tell you Spyro the Dragon leaves Rascal in the dust! Spyro the Dragon definitely burns, kicks, and whips this game's ass!!!!!

  11. Recipe for a game that really really sucks!
    -Frustratingly and painfully unplayable game-play
    -Complicated objectives
    -Bad, uninspiring level design
    -Terrible, pointless map system
    -Clumsy awkward controls with awful camera
    -Generic music
    -Very weak, useless weapon

    So yeah, that's how much I hate this game! This game sucks! There's absolutely nothing good about this game! Rascal for the PS1 gets a 1 out of 10!

  12. I'm glad other people remember this awful game. I thought this was some fever game I had when I was 4. Sucked ass at this game. Of course, the game sucked ass.

  13. Man I struggled so much with this as a 9 year old or whatever I was. Now I feel less dumb, haha. Got stuck pretty early on, because I simply didn't know what to do next.

  14. its not a simulation game its a platformer O_o its cool to learn for kids nothing work how it should in this creepy world, every fkn step is learning how to do withouth breaking the nose


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