The WORST PS3 Game! – Haze


Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! Today we analyze a game known as Haze… the Halo killer on PS3! However it seems the only thing this kills is gaming itself! Thanks for watching!
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  1. I was like 10 when I first played it and I somehow liked it. Probably because I haven't played decent fps games before it and thought it was good, went as far as to beat it on very hard (which was a dumbass decision but I think the fact that I played it to begin with wasnt very bright either) and I really enjoyed the bot multiplayer even if the quality was so poor. In the end I somehow had a good time with it and that's what matters lol

  2. I am not common viewer of this channel so I wouldnt know this but jesus christ your aim is probably the worst thing I have ever seen… yes yes I am commenting on a 2016 video but also if this wasnt your shooting I apologies for my statement and i direct it to who ever was playing at the time but if it were you, thats a pretty shite way to "show off" a game, especially a fps game …

  3. Trying to be the [insert any game here] killer is never going to work. If that's your end goal you're making it for the wrong reason and you'll never have the right passion for the project.

  4. Hey guys, The voice actor for Wade on GTA5 voice acted in this game too. Go back through and take a listen.

  5. I remember as a kid I bought haze and as soon as I played a little bit of it, I took it out and returned back to gamestop

  6. I remember being excited for this. I love games involving drugs to some degree, probably because I’m a hardcore addict myself. I’m not talking so much about shit like Narc on PS2 but shit like Bioshock (within minutes if entering a city and civilization on the ocean floor you jab a syringe full of EVE into your wrist) and We Happy Few.

    Hell, even games where “Painkillers” are health are cool to me… like the Morphine syrettes in Far Cry 2, the painkiller pills in Left 4 Dead, Manhunt, Max Payne, etc. It makes as little sense as a medkit but it’s neat. It at least COULD work. I know I could walk with a shot up or busted leg easier if I was filled up to the eyeballs with Oxycodone.

    I thought a game centred around dope that makes you fight better would be cool because such a thing has been semi-attempted. In WWII and other 20th century conflicts, they have administered Amphetamines to troops in an attempt to make them stay awake longer to accomplish a mission or just as a quick jolt for pinpoint accuracy and heightened awareness.

    The redbull of its time, now given to hyper kids in school. That’s how I got into pills. Started taking the Ritalin of a kid who hated them because he was ADHD and they actually made him tired. They work paradoxically that way with ADHD sufferers. Man, it made me feel like a million bucks. Like everyone was my friend and I wanted to talk to everyone. I also did better in tests and exams while wired to the teeth and dusted to the tits on kid candy.

    Eat ‘em, chew ‘em, powderize them and swallow the powder inside zigzags and rizlas. Crush ‘em up and snort ‘em. What a buzz. I preferred it to the cut up, stepped on, 80% dextrose cocaine that was available. Methamphetamine hadn’t made it to our town. So Diverted Pharmeceutical Amphetamines and Amphetamine Analogues it was! Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta) and Dextro-Amphetamine (Dexedrine, Adderall) all round! It’s so strong, I can’t believe they give it to 6 year olds.

    So I’m very enthused about drugs. Now I never do stimulants (uppers or any type of speedy drugs) and I’m a…dun dun DUN! You guessed it: OPIOID ADDICT! Have been for the last twenty damn years, on Methadone for 9 years. I’ve been high AND married more than half my short life. I’m only a thirty something. Oxy is a hell of a pill. Or WAS until they ruined it by making it tamper resistant. Saved MY life, but also ruined our fun.

    But We Happy Few is still a dumpster fire of glitches, Haze sucked, and I can’t think of any more drug games now but you get the idea. It should be a great concept but it’s only been done well in Bioshock. Even the Vigors in Infinite were stupid and had zero reason to exist, plus you need to shoot it up, not drink it. If drinking counted then Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 along with GTA IV and V are the greatest dope games ever.

  7. I'm pretty sure half if not more of Free Radical's staff moved to Star Wars Battlefront 3 during Haze's production which is why it seems so half assed.

  8. I find it rather SILLY when someone like Mutahar runs this game in the ground and has NO games to call his own that we can see and RATE. Where are your games that you developed, and what kind of engine do they employ? HALO indeed is a great game, and NOT was BTW. This game is really not that bad, by any means at all.

  9. I remember playing this game with my ps3 my uncle gave me for my birthday when my cousin came over my house and we would always play this I miss old days 🤧I haven’t seen my cousin in Over 5 years

  10. Haha we were so excited to play this game with my friend. Finished it in one sitting and we were just : wtf was this shit

  11. I always see people with the Haze player picture on PS4, wondering now if people actually know what it is…

  12. Didn’t black mirror make an episode similar to this whole Nectar thing?? Forgot the name of the episode:/

  13. The sad part is that doing more research into this game and the development was really rocky. It was never meant to be a halo killer. Devs who actually worked on the game didn't like the halo killer thing, but the publisher kept pushing that. And then the publisher came around and kept making demands, and the devs couldn't say no. Its a prime example of a publisher trying too hard to control development.

  14. I used to play it when I was like 9 years old and I actually enjoyed it, not that much, but yes. Nowadays it feels nostalgic when I think of the game again and Im glad I played it. In fact, I was playing the campaign like 50 times in total :D, but overall I know it's a bad game. It also gave me my favorite color combination into my head – black/yellow.

  15. This game is a steaming pile of shit I got it used at GameStop 4 20 bucks I Immediately took it back and got infamous

  16. Pro Tip: You know how bad the VA in the English Version is… Wenn you speak another european Language, you will LMAO. Why? I played the EU Version in German. And Ubi had a Standard Cast for VA in any, and yes I mean ANY, Games for Localization in Countries that weren't Part of the Anglosphere.


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