This Game is EPIC! T-Rex Attack! New Dinosaur Game (Claw Hunter Alpha Gameplay T Rex Dinosaur)

Let’s Play Claw Hunter. Claw Hunter is a Dinosaur Survival Game, where you can ride & hunt Dinos including T Rex & Raptors

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About Claw Hunter: The purpose of this game is to enable the player to go back to his childhood days when he first saw beautiful depictions of dinosaurs and marveled over them.

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49 thoughts on “This Game is EPIC! T-Rex Attack! New Dinosaur Game (Claw Hunter Alpha Gameplay T Rex Dinosaur)

  1. I've gotta say, while there is still much more to be done…this is an absolutely GORGEOUS dinosaur game with what seems like a good foundation in mechanics, controls and functionality that could lead to a pretty good game. I miss The Stomping Land 🙁 If you wanna see more of this game lemme know! Download link in the video description, it's free 🙂

  2. It's so pre-alpha, that they spelled it "pre apha" at the starting screen. L's haven't even been inserted into the game yet! 0:15

  3. It is a fusion between the stomping land and ARK.
    I think most of us are already accustomed to this type of games.
    But it is good to recycle good ideas.

  4. Brontosaurus: face palm!Brachiosaurus: never, neck goes straight up.Diplodocus: never, head doesnt go over shoulder heightArgentinosaurus: possibly because of size but still not determined about the neck height.Titanosaurus: impossible unless that is a juvenileAny other dino whos name i forgot: very possible

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