Top 10 Games Like Factorio

Here are 10 sandbox crafting games like Factorio, to build, combine and develop.

FortressCraft Evolved

Kerbal Space Program


Big Pharma



Human Resource Machine

Oxygen Not Included




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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Games Like Factorio

  1. found few games like Rimworld …. – 1.Factoria

    2 .Battle Royale Tycoon

    3. Mindustry

    4.Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

    5. Prison Architech

    6. Judgment – Apocalypse Survival Simulation

    7. Shortest trip to earth

    8. first feudal

    9. Keplerth

    10. CitiesSkyline

    11. Planet Coaster

    12. Space heaven

    13. Rise to Ruins

    14. Oxygen Not Include

    15. Parkitech

    16. StarShip Corporation

    17. King Under The Mountain

    18. Dwarf Fortress

    19. civitatem
    Have Fun 😉

  2. objectives:

    factorio – send a rocket to space
    ksp – send a rocket to space

    they are both the same.

  3. This is what happens when a wannabe reviewer does minimal research into a video, and posts literal garbage! (And yeah, you can find this pathetic list a few times over across the web, so some jackass pulled it out of their ass and you morons keep copying it without a damn clue!)

  4. kerbal space program is a flight simulator. the only thing that it has in common with Factorio is that they are both games.

  5. Why is Kerbal Space Program on here?
    Why is Rimworld on here?
    Why is Human Resource Machine on here?
    Why is Banished on here?

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