Top 10 Video Game Clichés

Cast your votes for your top 10 favorite Video Game Cliches for another list:

This looks familiar. Join as we count down the Top 10 Video Game clichés. Special thanks to our users “Andy Roehl” and “HomicidalBabies” for submitting the idea for this video on our page!

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Clichés

  1. 1. All quests are up to player
    2. Incompetent antagonist
    3. Historical inaccuracy (for example if it's about ww2)

  2. A silly example is how in some video games, the game lets you know that a door can't be opened because the lock is broken.
    I think Silent Hill is one of those games. Either way, if the lock of a door is broken, doesn't that mean that the door can't be locked and should be open then?

  3. 2 gaming cliche I hate the most: cutscene ambush, even your the well known hero they still treat you like their own errand boy

  4. Big dumb obvious weak points in Conker's Bad Fur Day was kind of to be expected guys, like fuck the whole game is a long ass joke. An albeit laugh riot of a game in the end and I fuck'n enjoyed every damned minute of it, so this cliche was expected there and fully warranted, but other games, BORING. Fun fact, Bad Fur Day practically killed Nintendo and Rare's relationship with the original Game Boy title released and marketed for children only to have the real "Meat and Potatoes" straight up slapping the family friendly Nintendo across the face. What was not fun was the Live and Reloaded remake for XBOX which needlessly censored even more, including certain profane words that hadn't even been censored in the Nintendo 64 title.

  5. title screens that show the main character and his team staring at the sky and standing on grass sometimes next to a tree, like in xenoblade chronicles 2


  7. The ‘almost there’-cliché: You are doing a mission, you are under some pressure from a horde or something and some mission control-voice or partner, keep telling you how close he or she is, hacking that computer that progresses the game.

  8. Rpg random encounters are the worst . You walk in a peaceful open field where out of a sudden a giant muscle-head or an op dragon appears in front of you like " surprise m******** "!!!!

    Sometimes you are trying to find a way out , or trying to solve a puzzle the developers pht in the game and the random encounters just keep cutting your trail of thoughts or whatever .

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