Top 30 Nintendo Wii games for your MAME Cabinet


Top 30 Nintendo Wii games for your MAME Cabinet

This list is merely my opinion. There are many games out there,and we all have our personal preferences. This is mine.
In order to make this list,the games must follow two simple rules…

1#They must be fully playable on your average MAME cabinet,and must not require any special controls or extra equipment.

2#They must closely resemble the arcade game style as much as possible,therefore RPG’s (Chrono Trigger,Final Fantasy,etc.) and some Action Adventure games with higher RPG aspects (Zelda,Actraiser,etc.) do not qualify.

I do not own the rights to the characters, music, or footage used in this video,nor do I claim to.They belong to their respective owners.

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  1. Thanks for making these lists. Im building a mame cab at the moment and looking for any hidden gems or console games that would be worth putting on – its unbelievable how many videos there are like this that haven't thought about how you'd actually control the game at all. Cheers!

  2. These are great and exactly what I was looking for thanks a bunch…
    Any chance you can do a top wii u games for mame cabinet? that's if there is any that work with arcade controls.

  3. How do the parts of Super Paper Mario that require the wiimote to be pointed at the screen work? Thank for posting btw.


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