Top Nintendo Wii Light Gun Games!! (On rail shooters)


A look at 7 superb light gun games for the Nintendo Wii. Did you know about these?

I talk about 7 games that totally surprised me on the Wii. I didn’t know they existed before I started collecting for the Wii. I was also surprised about some of the violent themes for a couple of them considering how much of a reputation the Wii has for being a family friendly console with motion controls etc 😀

I have used some original trailer footage for the zapper and the games and spliced them into the video. The Ghost Squad trailer is quite unique!

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  1. You should totally get Sin and Punishment 2 for the Wii. It's a really great and unique on rail shooter; you actually control the character on screen and have to avoid damage, but the game is on rails, it's really awesome.

  2. Sin and Punishment. Gunslingers (Western Heroes in PAL Region, i think). Nerf Strike (which is alot like a House of the Dead style but futuristic and Rated G/PG), and Dino Strike are also some really good Rail style Lightgun shooters on the Wii.

  3. hello hello govna came in today to see whats new for the wii rail shooters i use to play way back in the day!

  4. Have all of these and they’re great! Got Dead Space Extraction when it first came out, still has good graphics for what it is! Also you have the option to turn off the reticle in (some) of these games’ options menu. Also, there are over 14 light gun games available on the Wii that are good. Also look for Dino Strike made by “Zoo”. Lastly look for the virtual console arcade port of Star Force, an early 90s on-rails shooter. You will have to find “alternative ways” to download this title though now though. Hope all this info helps 🙂

  5. Your're Missing Heavy Fire: Afghanistan its a really good one. a Long campaign not short like the others and has good graphics.

  6. You missed Links Crossbow which is pretty challenging, Target Terror & Mad Dog Mc Cree are so bad there good but very short & hard .. Try “Western Heroes” ..
    other shooters such as Goldeneye & quantum of solace are good ..
    all Medal of Honour & Call of Duty are a different experience on the Wii


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