Transformers: Human Alliance (Arcade) – No damage


Hello there!

This is I’m playing Transformer Human Alliance at Echo Karaoke & Games (An arcade game provider), Major Cineplex Ratchayotin, Bangkok. The machine is imported to Thailand since April of 2014. If you ask me where that sounds “pak! pak! pak! pak! ….” and wired musics come from, the answer is there are MaiMai, which is the most popular machine in Thailand, near by. Anyway, thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy with this vid. Have fun !!!

My highest score was 1.43M, but I didn’t take a picture. It was three years ago. I only have a pic for 1.40M, which is in this link:


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  1. starscream (first) 2:26
    shockwave (mini boss) 7:45
    scropanok king 10:23
    skywrap (mini boss) 13:56
    decepticon warship 15:57 – starscream (final) 17:17
    megatron 18:25

  2. Edit: Finish it with 1 damage (the final tail's attack circle event of the king scorpion) and get 98,100,100 and 98% friendship on the stage of the game.
    Thanks my dear friend 🙂

  3. Yes, because when you have a video game based on a franchise of giant robots, who DOESN'T want to play as the human characters!?

  4. On the first play I came to the first boss area without no damage… is good for me.
    I need to learn the ring pattern and mob.

  5. Hey, I just played Transformers Shadows Rising! It was super cool and fun, can't wait to see your play of it.

  6. I played this yesterday. I was so close to the end but I died when it came to the tower and I didn’t want to waste my last credit, especially if the game was longer than this. Thank you for uploading this because I wanted to know how the game ended. Thanks again.

  7. The fights in this game showcase the transformers abilities at fighting way better than the actual movies. Wish it was cannon. Good thing is we are getting a reboot so that characters like starscream an soundwave etc get their chance to shine.

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