ULTIMATE DESSERTS | The Jurassic Make Off (ft. Game Grumps)


It’s The Jurassic Make Off, a Yogscast/Game Grumps collaboration where we make stuff in a tent. If you missed the last part, watch it here:
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  1. "here you go, wear this with shame."
    "Yogscast, you have lost the right to speak to anyone."
    this whole episode made me actually burst out laughing and it really gave me a lot of joy, and I'm really grateful.

  2. Speaking of baking looking like shit and cum, anyone who watches the Gambly Grimbles might remember the easy bake oven power hour

  3. I knew immediately when they announced the challenge that the Grumps were gonna make some sort of poop-cake or poop-pudding -_-

  4. I didn't really think about it at the time but this was honestly so accurate to The Great British Bake Off. I'm genuinely impressed in retrospect.

  5. I must give credit where credit is due. How the actual fuck did Ben keep a straight face during Dan's speech? I was dying, and he looked like he was about to break too.

  6. The Paleontologist kind of got screwed over a bit. 2018 was harsher on longer videos compared to 2020, so maybe it all got edited out. Still I wanted to hear from him a bit more.

  7. Both sides were so hillarious this episode.
    I don't think ANYBODY expected for the Game Grumps to be the team that made the only edible dessert.

  8. It’s weird seeing Ben react to Grump jokes considering the nature of the Sorted channel. He’s trying not to break down laughing

  9. This entire episode is full of amazing Dan moments. Everybody was really funny, but Dan was EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA hilarious in this for some reason lmao.


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