[UNITY] Zombie Killing Simulator Project – Update #4 [WIP]



My video quality is better now and its 60fps! Please leave a comment down below. It helps me a lot. 🙂
Test Play: 06:08

What’s new: (I’ve done a lot since last update. :D)
-New weapons: Butcher Knife, Baseball Bat, Machete, Crowbar, Wrench, Shotgun, M4A4,
-New HUD.
-Dynamic bullet time.
-Kicking system.
-Crouch system.
-Fall damage for zombies.
-The player’s voice has changed. More dynamic.
-Different Rage System for each weapon.
-New explosion particle.
-New grenade system.
-New throw animation for grenade.
-Holster weapon. Unarmed animations.
-Lean/Peek System.
-Pickup/Throw System.
-Weapon slot system.
-Throwable melee weapons.
-Ammo system. Different ammo boxes for each weapon.
-Armor system.
-Advanced getting up system for zombies.
-Visual changes.
-and more!

-Improved blood decal system.
-Slower sensitivity while aiming.
-Improved ragdolls. More realistic.
-Faster pistol shoots!

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  1. I wish u would to a tutorial on udemy or somewhere.
    And/or sell (at least) a part of the Unity project 🙂

  2. The only other game that beats this would be Dying Light because it has better and more realistic graphics. You've already surpassed famous zombie fps games from large companies especially in terms of game mechanics and gameplay, good work dude

  3. Wow😍, it's best game, when you release this game to PC, I want to play this game (sorry for my English, I from Belorussia), it's you make this models, scripts, anims?

  4. Wow, just. Amazing work done and looks amazing. Love the product that has come of your labor and I cant wait to see more, you have my sub 🙂

  5. I think this is one of the most interesting and beautiful project i've never seen in unity, congratulations for ur amazing work, keep it up !

  6. if you help me and i will help you (i will buy you for free a place on the steam market and other platforms u like)
    if you can help me of giving the character movements/melee combat/zombies/ weapons etc and only that i need i dont need the environment stuff i will help you and if u say yes man you opened a new door in ur live if u want to contact plz join our discord so we can discuss further stuff (discord code KNcrHTA or u can make a account)

    if u say no i would be very sad and will wish u a happy live


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