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Fight against western land mafia as a west cowboy gunfighter for redemption.

Vest in #1 western game full of fighter cowboys way out in far west land.

Are you ready to beat dead summer heat with top exciting 3D western action cowboy adventure game? Explore all the survival western battles as a cowboy by completing every unknown tasks assigned to you for redemption, now!

This cowboy bandit versus cowboy hunter gameplay showdown is as real as it gets in far west desert modern gun 3D game. Play as a cowboy rider riding his very fast steed with complete vest armor chasing bandits in this mobile gun fight shooting free online action west style game and win cool achievements. Tackle new and unique missions in this great land of far west as a modern west hunter detective. Collect modern inventory with advance weapons to help you proceed further to earn rewards and to find other hidden loots. You are a great far west cowboy rider handling your horse with ease to defeat all bandits in redemption with your modern gun. In this old western adventure, vest in modern cowboy gun and show no mercy to shoot six hunter bandits in this action fighting game.
This is a very genuine adventure and action game in far west game that you have ever played. It’s all your call!

Game Features:
• Marvelous western style town environment.
• Cowboy hunter character with horse riding theme.
• Different shooting & fighting skill display.
• Map indication instructions and objectives.
• Awesome sounds effects and background music.

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