WHO DONE IT?! – Ten Minute Power Hour


A crime has occured in the Game Grumps office… Will Arin and Dan will get to the bottom of it?
What should we do next? Let us know!

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Dir/shot/edit by Tucker and Matt

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  1. I genuinely thought 10 Minute Power Hour was filmed in somebody's basement 😂😂 like the whole basement is a small cluttered room just for 10 Minute Power Hour

  2. Ironic for Arin to complain about waste on Ten Minute Power Hour given the amount of waste they generally create with their silly ideas lol

  3. ok so hold up. that furcon sticker is from Futher confusion. you can only get those by attending the con…….dan? or maybe both dan and ross are furries…also its unlikely that a non furry would know what a scaly is…hmmmm =.= im on to you grump furs

  4. Re-watching old Ten Minute Power Hours since my insomnia's on full blast again and I forgot how good Arin looks in this episode, damn.

  5. It’s ironically hilarious that he’s saying all this stuff about how wasteful and dangerous to the environment it is to get the almonds while he’s flinging them all over and completely wasting them lol love you arin

  6. The bees used to pollinate almonds are almost always "hired" (beekeepers bring them in) and if you are worried about how much water it takes to grow an almond then look at how much water it takes to produce meat, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and many other things.

  7. I started to fall asleep to this, but arin's aggressive shaking of the almond bag made me think my speaker was broken.


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