Wii Sports Resort – Air Sports Island Flyover: All 80 i Points + Miguel's Guide Plane


i’m back

In this video, I’ll be showing off the locations for all 80 i points in Island Flyover, collecting 150+ balloons, visiting Wedge Island, and following Miguel’s Guide Plane, in four runs.

Island Flyover:
Take a flying tour of Wuhu Island! How many i points can you find?

1:13 Run 1 [Follow That Plane | Found 10 + 20 i Points]
7:48 Run 2 [Found 30 + 40 + 50 i Points]
14:02 Run 3 [Island Hopper | Found 60 + 70 i Points]
20:06 Run 4 [Pop Frenzy | Found 80 i Points]
Check the pinned comment down below for timestamps for each i Point!

Stamps & Unlockables:

Island Hopper: Obtained at 17:29
Visit any i Point on Wedge Island, the large island not part of the main island where the golf courses are located.

Pop Frenzy: Obtained at 24:40
Pop 150 balloons in the course of one flight.

Follow That Plane: Obtained at 6:02
Follow Miguel’s guide plane around the island for at least three minutes:
-To locate his plane, press 1 on the Wiimote to fire a flare: he will
return a flare of his own
-Miguel’s plane leaves behind an orange smoke trail when followed
-The three minutes required to receive the stamp is indicated by a celebration noise

Wuhu Tour Guide: Not Obtained
Collect 280 i Points, 80 in daytime, 80 in evening, and 80 in night.

Balloonatic: Not Obtained
Pop every white balloon at all times of day. Once, popper white balloons will be a different color the next time you play. Balloons on planes or vehicles and small balloons released from larger ones do not count for this stamp.

i Points – Reward
10 – You can now pop balloons!
20 – You can now fly in the evening!
30 – You can now use the double blaster!
40 – You can now fly at night!
50 – The islands are now lit up at night!
60 – You can now fly a two-seater plane!
70 – The Whale Shark has a new design!
80 – A vacation house has been built for you!

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  1. I still remember the countless times me and my cousin have been trying to crash right into Miguel's plane and wondering why it doesn't work XD

  2. In the U.K, the description for the tennis pitch is: all the tennis balls have been stolen so you cannot play. It’s weird the way they changed it.

  3. A mode so popular it became it's own game as a 3ds launch title (as well as the first Pilotwings game in YEARS).

  4. Today I learned that most I points have different names or descriptions in the different versions

    IE: I grew up with Maka Wuhu being called Mount Tenganamanga, which is just more fun to say.

  5. i swear to god when i was like 6 i darent go to wedge island bc my plane made this weird morse code sound and it scared the living daylights out of me i swear to god

  6. How did I not know about all those stamps?. 😳 I’m playing this during the pandemic and only have one left to find…so frustrated I came here to cheat 😩

  7. Once when i was 10 i taught my 75 year old grandpa how to play this! He played it for an hour straight!

  8. I really wished there was a mode where you could explore the island by foot and you could use that door at the ruins to go into the cavern.

  9. Guys i just realized something. They said only electric vehicles can drive on the island. They’re coming out with an electric hummer in 2021. Look at the cars. I think Wii Sports Resort predicted the future….


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