Wii Sports Resort – Air Sports Island Flyover (All 80 i Points)


This is a capture of me finding all 80 i Point locations in the Air Sports Island Flyover mode of Wii Sports Resort for the Wii. This was recorded directly from my Wii (not the Wii U).

It’s finally time for me to start uploading one of my favorite Wii games: Wii Sports Resort. I was a huge fan of the original Wii Sports and the Wii’s innovative motion controls, so when Nintendo later announced the Motion Plus add-on and a Wii Sports sequel in 2008, I got really excited. I actually managed to play Wii Sports Resort at E3 2009 shortly before the game was released, although I think I may have only played the Wakeboarding mode.

I later purchased Wii Sports Resort on its release date in 2009 and invited my friends Peter and Luke to join me in trying the game. We probably tried every single mode in the game and had an absolute blast. Some of the multiplayer modes were surprisingly fun such as cycling and canoeing. But our biggest staples were probably golf, Frisbee and bowling.

Wii Sports Resort had absolutely amazing content and excellent controls. In fact, the controls were so good that I found it hard to go back to the original Wii Sports after using Motion Plus. This made me excited to play additional Motion Plus games, so I eventually picked up other titles such as Red Steel 2, Grand Slam Tennis and Wii Play Motion, not to mention The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Wii Sports Resort is endlessly replayable and as a result, it’s one of my favorite Wii titles. My only complaint is that Nintendo didn’t include an upgraded version of Tennis from the original Wii Sports, but Table Tennis was still a nice addition.

In this video I found all 80 i Point locations in the Air Sports Island Flyover mode. Since I had already found these i Points on my own profile, I used a friend’s Mii to start over and make it easier to keep track of each location.

Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR and the Wii’s component cables at 60 frames per second.

I’m using a Wii Remote with Motion Plus.

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  1. I have been working on finding icons for MANY years of my life. When I got them all but three, today you let me get them all! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. the best part was at night when the fireworks went off and you could see the party yacht in the ocean. even though i’m 14 i miss my childhood but i’m still in it

  3. Tenho Wii desde o lançamento e era o'que eu jogava todos os dias, mas desde 2016 não jogava.
    Finalmente estou tendo minha infância de volta kkkk muita nostalgia

  4. Ok everyone, I have a plan:

    We all buy 1,000,000,000 bags of sand collectively, and we go to the middle of the ocean and start making an island. On this island, we build a town, with a hotel, and a sword fight arena, with basketball courts and a golf course, etc. We need to build our very own Wuhu Island.

  5. If anyone remembers the (I) in the cave just behind the castle and the one behind Firework Zone 2 those two I actually had to get my dad to help me find (Was like 7 at the time) but it took forever to finally find them and I was happy when I did did anyone else have any trouble finding specific ones


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