Wild West Town Sheriff Mounted Horse Shooting Game (by Torque Gamers) – Android Gameplay FHD


Wild West Town Sheriff Mounted Horse Shooting Game (by Torque Gamers) – Android Gameplay FHD

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Get ready to play newest cowboy sheriff and fight real troublemakers and outlaw gunfighter in Wild West survival game. In this cowboy game you play role of a cowboy and a horseman who came in Wild West town to eliminate gangsters and bad guys in this bounty hunter game. As cowboy ride horseback saddle up and show real marksman skills and take down most wanted criminals, bandits in western cowboy shooting game.

As cowboy sheriff use six bullets and reload chamber and fight in Arizona desert and collect bounties and save townspeople. The town sheriff will help the townsfolk in frontier as Wild West sheriff and stop the outlaw stealing black gold. Fight high noon battle draw first weapon to fight outlaw and bandits in western cowboy robbery game. As horse rider save cargo train and gold mine in this newest bounty hunting game and standoff to fight infamous gunslinger and bandits with double barrel shotgun and pistols. Grab horse from stable and ride horseback across town and showdown Wild West sheriff shooting skills to beat gunslinger and bandits and bury those robbers six feet under the land in cowboy shooting game.

Play cowboy shooting game as Wild West sheriff in mounted police horse game and draw your weapon and arrest the most wanted criminals and outcast in cowboy duel game.

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