WILDSTAR Game Trailer : Amazing Features


Wildstar is almost there and this trailer is here to remind all gamers of the amazing possibilities that will be offered to them through Carbin Studios’ latest MMORPG!
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WILDSTAR Game Trailer : Amazing Features
Release date : May 31, 2014 for PC !

WILDSTAR Game Trailer : Amazing Features
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  1. So this Free-2-play game is like WoW in Space?
    I'm not a WoW player or anything, I play Star Trek Online, and this game sounds to be more up my alley than WoW.
    I have to ask someone who's played it: Is it good?

  2. better than Wow. I cant believe that people pay 20 dollars a month for one of the most standard mmos on the market with a company who barley listens to their own paying customers.

  3. Cant help but notice that the 'customization' is yet again for another game the ears are static to the hair severely limiting basic customization choices. Probably has like a <20 static color selection too instead of a 24 bit rgb color pallet because they have colored texture rather than a white one to allow broad color options.

  4. is this in anyway similar to free realms? I'm trying to find a really similar game to get my mind off free realms' shut down

  5. well at least this game is innocent and less violent than gta v and better in a way …. and suits every1 especially children ^^

  6. I get that you can own a PC and a console or two, but how you can own a console or two and no PC I don't get. Like seriously, l2think. 

  7. I hope the controls are fixed before the game is released. Also, to me at least, the character customization (or the presets at least) are not as good as say Soul Calibur V.


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