Wildstar MMORPG "Is It Still Worth Playing?"


Wildstar is a Free To Play MMORPG that’s recently been released on steam, After Its initial launch in 2014 the game had many issues and caused many people to quit resulting in the game going for a F2p model in hopes to get people to give it another chance, I initially covered this MMO over a year ago when I had just started my First Impressions series however I feel like that video isn’t up to scratch with my current video standards so I decided to revisit the game in 2016 to see what’s changed and judge the pros and cons to help you guys decide if Wildstar is an MMORPG that’s worth playing.

Wildstar features an open world, non pay to win business model, action combat gameplay, fully voice acted questing, extreme player housing and 8 different races split between two factions, I revisited Wild Star for 4 hours and condense my updated thoughts and feelings into a summary at the end.

Is Wildstar an MMORPG worth playing? does the game have a future? and If you’ve tried it before then why did you quit playing? let me know in the comments below!


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In this video I return to Wildstar 1 year since recording my First Impressions for the game, in that time the game’s received a few updates and gone free to play on steam, Wildstar is an Open World MMORPG that features Action combat, PVP battlegrounds, Arenas, 5 Player Dungeons, 3 Player Expeditions, Raids, Player Housing, 8 Races across two factions and a Stylised cartoon like art style in a lighthearted Sci Fi setting.

Could Wildstar on PC be a good alternative f2p MMORPG to games such as Star Wars The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 or TERA? leave your thoughts on this video game in the comments below.

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Wildstar MMORPG “Is It Still Worth Playing?

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  1. Too bad they cancelled the entire game… there was so much promise in it. The races were all creative, the style was cool, and it was just interesting and interactive at all times. Really wish it were still available to play.

  2. for me wildstar has been the best f2p mmorpg that I had ever play and I never could understend how other people don't like it

  3. I liked that game but not a fan of that art style but still props to them for trying something new. Too bad wildstar is being shutdown.

  4. RIP Wildstar.

    Wow.. low level pvp pops. I sure wish I was around to play it back then. This game has the best combat system I have ever seen. I'm don't think I can find another game to replace it 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. 2 years later and I'm still playing. It's tons of fun even for just casual grinding for omnibits, the in-game currency to get shop items, to get some cool mounts or outfits

  6. I stopped playing when leveling took FOR EVER to from one level to the other.
    And the action system gets tiring, real quick because of it.

  7. I gave a try to this game. I play this game since 1 week and i see lot of people running around me and doing same quest like my. Dead game look like that? And this game look and it gives a feeling like soemthing high quality comparing to other mmos that i play – archage tera path of exile ff14.

  8. I totally agree on the part that its hard to care for the game, this mmo is objectively good and high quality, but for some reason it doesnt have that special thing other mmos (even worst ones) have.

  9. I would be much more inclined to play this if it had NOT stylized graphics. I need a good sci-fi MMO that is not a cartoon.

  10. Wildstar launch was terrible, but that's what happens when your developers hve overlords. If some of the ground breaking bugs were resolved before launch it would of been a different story for this game. Its an awesome mmo though difficult to play with a high ping.

  11. Recently started playing again and I have to say, I truly feel like WildStar is the most underrated MMO out there.
    It has so much quality and charm to it. Some of the best systems in MMOs to date. I don't honestly think anyone has done action combat, or for that matter housing as good as WildStar did it. There is a lot a lot of leeway with bad connections, even when it comes to dodging and button pressing mini-games within the game, and that's coming from someone with a TERRIBLE connection. All in all, everyone who is looking for another MMO to play should really give this game a shot. The community is small, but active and dungeons are level sync'd; you'll find a lot of folks shouting for random dungeons every day. It's definitely a very fun game and well worth the download. I can't stress enough how terribly underrated this game is. It's practically criminal…


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