World Trigger: Borderless Mission PS Vita Gameplay


Gameplay video of the Japanese demo of World Trigger: Borderless Mission on the PS Vita with the first four missions. A game by Bandai Namco.
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  1. This game looks like a ps1 game. Kinda sad since World Trigger is my favourite anime and it has an amazing concept for a game.

    World Trigger game idea –
    Online multiplayer: Form squads of up to 4 and create your own character with loadouts similar to the anime (4 trigger slots for each hand). Fight against other teams on massive maps in a team battle royal. Leaderboards and ranks are split up by winning matches and having the highest score, the higher your score the less you can win/more you lose (like in the anime).

    Campaign: Play as part of a squad that starts as C-Rank and rises through the ranks to become top of A-Rank. Between raising your rank, you fight of different Neighbour Invasions, each one getting more difficult.
    Endgame: Travel to different Neighbourhood's and face off against Black Triggers and save captured civilians.

    Anyone up for making a game like this?

  2. i feel like if this game turned into splatoon it would sell in the U.S. meaning full customizable characters and 3rd person shooter/fighter with an online that simulates ranking

  3. They should create a PC multiplayer game, where you start off as C Rank Agents, fighting amongst each other (virtual training) or with Neighbors then trying to get to the B Rank, forming a team with other players and then moving up A Rank to be the best squad

  4. The walking looks unreal. It feels like the character is walking on air as you push it around. I can't play a game with bad mechanics


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